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Security Research Event (SRE)

Resilient Infrastructure

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PRAETORIAN PRAETORIAN strategic goal is to increase the security and resilience of European CIs, facilitating the coordinated protection of interrelated CI against combined physical and cyber threats, considering the impact of cascading effects.
PRECINCT PRECINCT has developed a framework specification for systematic critical infrastructure security and resilience management enabling stakeholder communities to create PRECINCT ecosystems, increased resilience support services, a vulnerability assessment tool using serious games, and PRECINCT Digital Twins.
ATLANTIS ATLANTIS aims to enhance the resilience and security of EU Critical Infrastructures against both natural hazards and complex attacks that could disrupt societal functions. Its mission is to improve the protection capabilities of interconnected CIs exposed to evolving systemic risks, ensuring operational continuity while minimising cascading effects.
SUNRISE SUNRISE is about strengthening critical infrastructures through collaboration, strategy and technology. It addresses critical infrastructure preparedness for emergency scenarios and mitigation when those scenarios materialise. SUNRISE identifies gaps and needs in critical infrastructure management.