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Security Research Event (SRE)

Institutional booths

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European Commission In view of today’s challenges, civil security is a priority of the EU. The European Commission is committed to enhancing EU’s civil security through research and innovation, and strengthening the EU’s resilience and Open Strategic Autonomy, by relying on its funding programmes such as Horizon Europe, ISF and BMVI, in cooperation with national authorities.
Empowering citizens through research and innovation The Swedish booth at the SRE exhibition will focus on research and innovation to empower citizens for a resilient society. Find out more about the governmental agencies MSB and Vinnova. Meet with Swedish representatives. Connect with projects and researchers within cyber security, resilience and societal challenges.
CERIS CERIS brings together all EU security research stakeholders, such as policy makers, end-users, academia, industry and civil security. CERIS supports a close interaction of R&I with the EU policy-making process in fighting crime & terrorism, infrastructure & disaster resilience, and border management.