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Security Research Event (SRE)

Fight against Crime and Terrorism

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Home-made explosives pose a threat to society. The INHERIT aim is to make explosive production impossible by restricting access to precursors through detections. INHERIT aims to intervene across the terrorism timeline through technologies that make precursors inert against misuse, easier to detect, and able to yield greater forensic value.

The ODYSSEUS project aims to increase the knowledge on a continuously revised list of explosives and explosive precursors, including precursors not previously studied, and also develop effective and efficient prognostic, detection, and forensic tools and solutions to improve the capabilities of LEAs and Competent Authorities.
DARLENE DARLENE investigates means by which AR can be deployed in real-time to aid in LEA decision-making by employing AR capabilities and combining them with powerful AI algorithms, sensor information fusion techniques, 3D reconstruction, wearable technology and personalised context-aware recommendations.
IcARUS The IcARUS project (Innovative AppRoaches to Urban Security) aims to learn from past experiences in urban security policies and practices throughout Europe. The project’s main objective is to rethink, redesign and adapt existing tools and methods to help local security actors anticipate and better respond to security challenges.
RISEN The aim of the RISEN project is developing of a set of rapid tools for the optimisation of the trace, detection, visualisation, identification and interpretation on site, with a consequent reduction of the time and resources in the laboratory, and for a fast exchange of information among LEAs.
GRACE GRACE aims to equip European law enforcement agencies with advanced analytical and investigative capabilities to respond to the spread of online child sexual exploitation material.
INDEED aims to use evidence-based approaches to strengthen first-line practitioners’ and policy makers’ knowledge, capabilities and skills for designing, planning, implementing and evaluating PVE, CVE and de-radicalisation initiatives in an effective and proven manner.

CounteR is an early-warning tool for detection of potential radical content for the prevention of radicalisation spread and, ultimately, life-threatening terrorist attacks.
SHOTPROS SHOTPROS investigated how training in virtual reality (VR) should be designed so that first responder police officers can make optimal decisions even under stress. The VR training increases the decision-making performance of officers, which will lead to better and more correct decisions in the field.
AP4AI The AP4AI (Accountability Principles for Artificial Intelligence) Project addresses AI Accountability for Policing, Security and Justice sector. The AP4AI Project is jointly conducted by CENTRIC and Europol and is supported by the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security.
STARLIGHT (+ALIGNER, POPAI) The EU research cluster of AI for Civil Security, ALIGNER, popAI and STARLIGHT forms a European AI hub in support of Law Enforcement to enhance the AI competitiveness of Europe while strengthening society’s perception of the EU as an area of freedom, justice and security.
APPRAISE Facilitating public and private security operators to mitigate terrorism scenarios against soft targets APPRAISE will build on the latest advances in big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and advanced visualisation by creating a robust security framework that will improve both the cyber and physical security and safety of public spaces.
RAYUELA The heaven of our RAYUELA is to contribute to making the Internet a safer place for minors. To do so, we have developed a story-like videogame that allows learning good practices online while playing and gathering data which is used to identify potential risk factors to inform evidence-based policymaking.
SAFE STADIUM The SAFE STADIUM project is developing the integrated CBRN protection system to be made available on the online platform and contains (1) a comprehensive set of security procedures, recommendations; tools and templates for vulnerability and risk assessment; protocols for cooperation with public services; (2) the training materials including eLearning with VR.
CYBER TCO: FRISCO FRISCO aims to inform and support Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) to comply with the Terrorist Content Online Regulation in addressing violent extremism and the dissemination of such content, setting out specific measures that HSPs exposed to TCO must implement.