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Security Research Event (SRE)

Disaster Resilient Societies

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NIGHTINGALE Nightingale (Novel InteGrated toolkit for enhanced pre-hospital life support and Triage IN challenGing And Large Emergencies) aims to optimise current procedures and methods and to enhance the operational capacities of emergency medical services and civil protection agencies in mass casualty incidents.
RESCUER RESCUER is an EU-funded research and development project, that aims at developing a technological toolkit to enhance first responders situational awareness to help them operate more efficiently and more safely in adverse and infrastructure-less environments. RESCUER is all about PROTOTYPING the future FIRST RESPONDERS!
PARATUS PARATUS aims at increasing the preparedness of first and second responders in the face of multi-hazard disasters. The main outcome will be an open, cloud-based online service platform that offers support in providing dynamic risk scenarios and reducing the systemic risk caused by multi-hazard disasters.
IFAFRI The International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation (IFAFRI) focuses on enhancing and expanding the development of affordable technology and innovative solutions to improve first responder safety, efficiency and effectiveness.
INCLUDING The main objective of INCLUDING is to enhance the practical know-how and boost a European sustainable training and development framework for practitioners in the RN Security sector. INCLUDING aims to build up a Federated Model in which the partners cooperate to optimise the sharing of all the available resources.
INTREPID INTREPID aims to create a platform to support early rescue operations in urban disaster areas. It integrates Intelligence Amplification and eXtended Reality concepts, with Smart Cybernetic Assistants for exploration, as well as deep indoor positioning and multi-level assessment capabilities for environment awareness.