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Security Research Event (SRE)

Border Management

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PROMENADE PROMENADE improves solutions for vessel tracking, behaviour analysis and automatic anomaly detection of vessels, using means such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data (BD) technologies. PROMENADE delivers an open, service-based toolkit implementing “state-of-the-art” AI/BD techniques benefiting from a High-Performance Computing platform (HPC).
COMPASS2020 COMPASS2020 aims to demonstrate the combined use and seamless coordination of manned and unmanned assets to achieve greater coverage, better quality of information and shorter response times in maritime surveillance operations.
Pilot of the Digital Travel Credentials (DTC) The Finnish Border Guard will pilot the Digital Travel Credentials (DTC) at Helsinki Airport from 28 August 2023 in cooperation with Finnair, the Finnish Police and Finavia. The DTC pilot project will allow passengers on Finnair flights to London, Edinburgh and Manchester to pass through border control without queuing, allowing for a faster and smoother travel than usual.
AI-ARC The aim of AI-ARC is to create an innovative AI-based platform, the VCR, that provides maritime actors with a powerful situational awareness picture for decision-making and safety. The AI-ARC solution will be valuable for Coast and Border Guard Authorities, private communities, private enterprises, and commercial shipping.
BorderUAS The project combines a lighter than air aerial vehicle with an ultra-high resolution multi-sensor surveillance payload that supports border surveillance, search & rescue applications, and rough terrain detection. The sensor payload includes SAR, infrared, acoustic cameras for direct detection, and optical and hyperspectral cameras for indirect detection.
iMARS The main goal of iMARS is to develop tools to detect manipulated face images such as morphed face images in the identity document life cycle and verify the authenticity of identity documents, as well as ensure that European passports including morphed or otherwise manipulated images can no longer be issued within the European Union.
ENTRANCE The tools for customs officers being developed by the ENTRANCE project present very ambitious technology responses in carrying out checks on containers, lorries and wagons, without having to open them. The efficiency gains in the search for contraband, explosives, drugs, and weapons will represent a significant potential advantage to Customs.
BORDERSens Combining robust sensor technologies with the inherent advantages of electrochemical strategies, nano-molecularly imprinted polymers, and multivariate and pattern data analysis, BorderSens enables highly accurate selective detection of trace levels of illicit drugs and precursors.
METICOS EU METICOS has developed a technology acceptance tool, reflecting the societal and ethical impact of border control technologies. The pilot activities of the project included sentiment analysis through eye-tracking, and a virtual reality (VR) system to replicate an Automated Border Control (ABC) gate based on face recognition.
The conclusion of the H2020 METICOS project is drawing near, with its final event, scheduled for the 26th of October 2023 in Warwick Hotel in Brussels. Register to participate.
NESTOR The EU-funded project NESTOR addresses a common challenge, namely, the protection and safeguarding of the European marine and land borders. To this end, NESTOR aims to demonstrate a fully functional next-generation holistic border surveillance system providing pre-frontier situational awareness beyond maritime and land borders.