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Security Research Event (SRE)
Supplementary information6 October 2023Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

eu-LISA and its role in EU security research


The Agency’s involvement in the EU security research was formally established with the revision of the eu-LISA establishing regulation, which expanded the mandate of the Agency in research and innovation. With the expanded mandate, eu-LISA has the opportunity to also feed into the definition of priorities for the EU Framework for Research and Innovation in the areas that are most relevant for the Agency, such as border management. The expanded mandate also gives the opportunity to engage with EU-funded research and innovation projects dealing with the use of information technologies in the context of border management, with a particular interest in the area of biometric recognition.

eu-LISA is at the core of the information architecture of the Schengen area, as it is responsible for the development and operational management of IT systems used in border control, migration management and internal security more broadly. In recent years, eu-LISA has also gradually entered the justice domain, assuming the responsibility for the development and maintenance of systems and tools facilitating cross-border judicial cooperation.

With the expanded mandate, eu-LISA aims to contribute to the EU security research in at least two ways. First, the Agency will facilitate the alignment of research and innovation funded by the EU with the continuously evolving information system architecture in the areas of internal security, migration and justice. Second, eu-LISA will support the uptake of innovative solutions and emerging technologies by Member State authorities operating in the areas of freedom, security, and justice, thus enhancing the relevance and impact of research and innovation projects.


Publication date
6 October 2023
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs