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Security Research Event (SRE)
Supplementary information30 June 2023Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

About Sweden


Sweden is one of the five countries in the OECD with the highest R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP. In this category, Sweden is one of the top five in terms of both overall R&D expenditure and R&D expenditure of the business enterprise sector and higher education sector respectively. Sweden is also one of the five countries in the OECD with the greatest number of researchers in relation to the population.* When it comes to public funding of civil security research and innovation, MSB, The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and Vinnova, The Swedish Innovation Agency, are major players.

MSB supports applied, needs-oriented research in the field of societal security and civil defense. In order to stimulate research on civil contingencies the agency allocates approx. 100 million SEK annually to a variety of research activities. Recently launched is a new research plan 2024-2028. It describes ten knowledge areas clustered into three major areas; Civil preparedness, Emergency management and Secure digitalization.

Vinnova supports the country’s innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth. The aim is to empower organisations to address challenges together by enabling innovation that makes a difference. The world faces complex challenges. In a short time, the whole society needs to be restructured, our cities, our value chains and consumption patterns. This is the starting point for the new strategic initiative Impact Innovation; large, long-term partnership programs in research and innovation (including secure and well-functioning communities) that will accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. Without security there will however not be any sustainability thus any transition needs trust and resilience in order to reach the goal(s).

MSB and Vinnova will be part of the SRE 23 event, both in the conference and the exhibition. The two agencies will have an exhibition stand close to the European Institutions. The projects presented in the booth will be thematically linked to some of the major themes of the conference.

*The Swedish Research Barometer 2019


Publication date
30 June 2023
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs