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Security Research Event (SRE)
Supplementary information30 June 2023Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

About Spain


Security Research and Innovation in Spain is coordinated between 3 Governmental bodies; The Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Interior. A coordinated approach to bolstering security research and innovation has let to the development of a 2-step plan, EECTI.

The State Plan is the main instrument of the General State Administration for the development and achievement of the objectives of the Spanish Strategy for Science and Technology and Innovation (EECTI). This programme is structured into two state plans, the State Plan 2021-2023, which is the one that is currently being executed, and the State Plan 2024-2027.

The State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation (PEICTI) 2021-2023 has been carried out with the contributions and priorities of public research centres, universities, technology centres, business associations, technology platforms and experts from the scientific, technical and business community. The PEICTI 2021-2023 is made up of four state programs that correspond to the general objectives established in the EECTI 2021-2027.

On top of that, Ministry of Interior, through the CETSE (Security technologies’ centre) also support and develop yearly more than 100 R&I projects in the field of Security research, typically using an end-user approach.


Publication date
30 June 2023
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs