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Security Research Event (SRE)


Challenges stemming from megatrends are shifting the ground for security in the EU. This is true for each trend considered separately, but their mutual reinforcement and cascading effects accelerate the process and bring stronger impacts, making preparedness and response very complex. Climate change and related extreme weather events will affect our way of life. They will impact access to clean water, food, and affordable energy, thereby creating scarcity and potentially triggering social unrest or displacement of population. At the same time, the real and digital worlds continue to be strongly intertwined, deeply impacting society at all levels, with an increased penetration of social media and algorithmically amplified information and creating new opportunities for criminals. Security authorities are facing a changing world, bringing both opportunities and challenges, which requires rethinking the capabilities needed to perform their missions. The cascading impact of megatrends demands a renewed debate on the role to be played, and contribution to be delivered, by EU security research.

After an introductory high-level round table, five technical panels will address specific dimensions of EU resilience and the contribution of security research and innovation (R&I):

  1. Cascading Effects of Crises: a New Challenge for Security Research or just More Old Troubles?
  2. Participative Resilience: Citizens as Owners of their Own Security and as Contributors to EU Social Resilience
  3. Natural, Accidental, and Intentional Disasters of the Future: Are We Prepared?
  4. Digitalisation of Society: New Threats, New Opportunities, New Responses?
  5. Foreseeing Risks, Developing EU Capabilities: Can We Do More?